Today I want to share The Joy Immersion with you & I hope that you sign on. 

I've been working on this for at least 10 years.

Or... for most of a lifetime, actually!

Growing up, I watched my parents and most of the adults around me stuck in rollercoasters of chaos. To see my radiant mother who was so beautiful, naturally happy and so charismatic constantly in tears and turmoil caused by what she said was jealousy, made a huge impression on me. People would take advantage of her kindness, walk all over her, gossip about her.  It seemed that the happier she was, the more her life was filled with drama, lost money and missed opportunities.  

It made sense to decide pretty powerfully as a kid that I'd never-ever-ever let that kind of drama affect me. 

Yet... it did. Bigtime. 

Once I stepped out into the great big world on my own, I was a magnet for my own rollercoasters.  Taking big steps forward then many more steps back and feeling exhausted by people every day, my mind was scattered and my life was incredibly unstable. 

I didn't back down when the negative draining stuff hit me. I fought back.  It was on my mind every day: I talked about the problems, I identified people as the cause of my problems, I spun in circles trying to fix myself.  I was so focused on this negativity and the idea that I was broken and I had to conquer it that, strangely, it grew bigger.  More problems, controversey, money lost, time wasted... 

When I was completely spent, broken and finally landed myself in the hospital for a few weeks as a result of all the stress, a lot changed quickly.  I saw that the way I was living- spending lots of my every day in a battle against so much drama -  would actually destroy my own life.  Humbled, so grateful to be healthy and finally aware of the deathly effects of stress and negativity in a profound way, I was pretty much forced to make a very new kind of change. 

This is when I found feng shui, and it's when I started to make the kind of changes that put a solid foundation under my life that I never had before.

My whole life transformed. I traded my habits of protecting myself, living in fear, denying myself good things and putting me last for a whole new set of habits and a whole new environment that was filled with... happiness!

After years of helping people organize and energize and lighten their homes and lives-  and bring their dreams to life in the process-  I am certain that you can do it, too.

That's why I'm so excited to share this with you!


The Joy Immersion is a happiness immersion... online!  

What does that mean? 

  • We start with the simplicity of daily habits that shift your energy and focus towards happiness, growth and self-love in bigger ways every day. 
  • There are loads of easy exercises to unhook you from negativity and get unstuck from old (and maybe very sneaky) patterns that keep repeating themselves so you start to feel more freedom every day!
  • Obstacles, negativity and vampire situations start to become a roadmap to awesome, super-positive personal growth and radiance.  (IE: you won't live in dread or fear of negativity and toxic people if you presently do right now, as I used to!) 
  • Feng Shui home shifts light up your space with positivity and joy.  Lots of basic and powerful adjustments (using much or all of what you already have at home!) over 30 days help to reflect your happiest life everywhere you look around you. 

Happiness is dynamic, magnetic... and something you can create more and more of every day! 

When you start to create real distance and clear space away from negativity, you'll start to unwind the habits that hold that negativity close to you.  You won't be too focused on negativity because you'll be building so many of your own happiness habits and infusing them into your daily life in fun ways!  

And just like problems grow when you dwell on them... happiness grows when you live in a space and a life that is filled with joy everywhere you look! 



Living a lighter, more positive and optimistic life is something we all know we should do, and perhaps need to do,  and even try super-hard to do, yet it can be so confusing and daunting to pull away from negativity .  

Some of the big reasons why: 

  • Vampire-type personalites are hard to spot and even harder to figure out what to do with.  
  • Toxic relationships, friendships and thought patterns can be a sort of addiction in themselves... Even though it's not healthy and we wish it could end, we become accustomed to the cycle in a profound way like a habit. (And that's why the detox is so awesome... it is literally like quitting sugar or coffee... the withdrawl can be really hard and it can tempt you to quit... but it's so worth it to get through the whole thing!)   
  • There's a ton of negativity, criticism, sensationalism, gossip and drama in the world and so it's a tall order at times to try to avoid it all... (which is why, instead of fighting against it and staying enmeshed in it, we're becoming more energetic and beaming and brighter every day of this detox so that happiness becomes a force-shield against negativity!) 
  • The negativity itself can be a stumbling block.  Whatever emotional rollercoasters, stresses and many issues can pull your focus also pull you away from ever having the time to get your life together in a calm, clear and awesome way. 

When you can see beyond these things and strongly decide every day to be happier, filled with more fun, lighter and more free of limitations... that's when the magic happens.   


  • You're full of energy (*and free of vampires!) 
  • You're motivated and excited about the day, every day! 
  • YOU ARE SO SO EXCEPTIONALLY GORGEOUS.  (Have you ever seen a truly happy non-gorgeous looking person?) 
  • You sleep soundly and think clearly. 
  • Challenges no longer set off a chain of dramatic events, they just get handled...! 
  • You feel more confident and grounded and at peace. 
  • You'll likely feel lighter and might even lose excess weight from diminished stress hormones! 
  • Emotional richness and color flows back to every day & connections to the people you love grow deeper! 
  • You'll glow with all that radiance.  
  • Plus: according to many studies, happy people age far less quickly and tend to live longer!  
  • Money tends to come so much easier to happy people and so does love.
  • Happiness helps sharpen your memory and expands your creative ability super-wide! 
  • Happy people have the ability to help others more and to help more profoundly, spreading and sharing your happiness in the world everywhere you go!  
  • And... did I mention... you'll be happier? 
  •  And happier!!! 


I've seen people detox from negativity and completely transform.  One client, after not working/financially struggling for many months, made $22,000 in a single month after being away from a toxic relationship. After deeply clearing her home and dumping the emotional weight of the drama she'd been living in, the money flew in, along with enormous long-term opportunities that she dreamed about.  I've had clients distance themselves from their own negative beliefs and immerse themselves in happiness and watched them emerge from their own Joy Immersion with "tailor-made-for-them" jobs that  came to them when they weren't even looking, incredible relationships happened in such unexpected ways.   The synchronicity is divine and so inspiring!

Happiness never fails to bring life to life.  

While I can't guarantee anything specific to you, I can guarantee that you will experience powerful and personal change from the actions in The Joy Immersion. 


My name is Dana Claudat and I am the Dana behind The Tao of Dana.  I studied Art History at Stanford University and became a Pyramid School Feng Shui Master.  I design homes. I design lifestyles. I curate art collections.

Mainly: I help people rewrite their story to give more of themselves to life and get more of what they want from life.

The Christian Science Monitor did a profile on me & my work and reported : "She identifies herself as a designer, writer, and modern Feng Shui expert, but after speaking with her I feel she could add several other descriptors to her roster, including: catalyst, intuitive, and coach." 

My work has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Women's Day, Fox News, Curbed, Lonny, Mashable, Refinery 29,  Huffington Post, and blogs and magazines around the world.  I've curated art for Saatchi Online, I'm a long-time wellness expert for Mind Body Green and Mind Body Green & Athleta named me one of 2015's Top 100 Women To Watch in Wellness. 



The Joy Immersion is brand new in this form, even though I've had it in my life for a decade and have used it professionally for many years with feng shui clients in various ways.  

Your success story will be one of the first! And I can't wait to hear it!!!

I can share a bit of the awesome experiences of my other online Camps: 


"I “walked” into this program expecting “pointers” and “how to’s” and  I “skipped, hopped, jumped and cartwheeled” at the end of this program with the most valuable life lessons and friends anyone could imagine."

~ Teresa Manko



"Thank you so much for creating the Catalyst Camp. I sign up for online courses all the time thinking, "Oh, this will be so great! I'll learn ___, or do ___!" Then, inevitably, life happens, I fall behind, and the course goes unfinished. Not so with the Catalyst Camp!

While I did fall a bit behind a couple of times, instead of beating myself up about it and quitting, I cleared some space and started clearing clutter one bit at a time. I realized after the fact that the couple of times I fell behind, it was because I had been helping to clear out decades worth of clutter from my mom and grandmother's houses. It was exhausting, but it gave me perspective on why clutter clearing is important-- I don't want future generations having to clear out all my old junk.

While clearing out my clutter is definitely still a work in progress, now it doesn't seem quite so daunting. In fact, I've started to enjoy it! 
Thanks again,


Olivia Jimenez


Thank you! Catalyst Camp was amazing for me.

The weekly videos were a great focus for my energy to improve my home. I enjoyed staying with the program, and benefited from the focus on the week’s tasks. Our homework was amazingly rejuvenating. A serendipity.

I learned from participating that I hold on to physical objects, rather than good feelings, as reminders of happy moments. And I know from experience, and excessive cutter, that I wanted to change that. Catalyst camp provided the ideal arena for me to learn about and address this. I watched my dad’s decline from dementia, and his mother before him. And I realized that I am worried that I will forget all of the great things I’ve experienced in my lifetime! Isn’t that crazy, to be able to step outside of all that and see it plainly!

And I especially benefited from your skilled mentoring as I listened to the weekly calls. Your reframing of camper’s struggles into helpful concepts was an important reminder for me that I can avoid the edgy remorse of internalizing issues by applying this important framework of constructive thought to stay on track toward my goals.

So, thank you! Catalyst camp allowed me to prioritize creating order in my life. And that has permitted huge productivity. I had fun. I grew. I let go of/organized things I have been archiving for all my life. And I have reconnected with several old dear friends – aside from gaining a tidier, better functioning space, that is how a lot of the benefit manifested for me. I am so pleased with the results in my life.

Thank you for your expertise and your help.  

~ Nancy Salcedo


“Remember being a kid and waking up on your birthday with a great feeling of anticipation for GOOD THINGS because it was your day and you knew that there were treats ahead? 

That is how every Monday morning feels with Catalyst Camp.  Waking up to the week’s new material and information and Dana’s wonderful, positive, supportive presence – it is truly a TREAT.  And it is a gift to ourselves.

The material is interesting and FUN and so approachable.

The best part, for me, is the forward momentum that it sparked in my life.  

My husband has even been inspired to work on new projects in our yard since this process began. 

The physical movement has cleared space for emotional movement and inspiration as well. 

If we do the work and follow Dana’s lead, we have the potential to change our lives through this amazing program!

I can’t wait to start camp again because I still have work to do and this process makes it all possible.”

Thank you, Dana!

I will endorse you and your amazing gifts & talents any day.

Can’t wait for Spring cleaning!"

~Eileen Wagstaffe


While a lot of my clients and creativity groups are highly private & personal (and extraordinary!), here are some lovely words about my work  that I can share with you: 

“Dana digs wide and deep for the nuggets of wisdom she shares with us in order to help us find the flow in our sometimes chaotic lives. She’s a lifestyle makeover magician, yet so down-to-earth and grounded in reality. She walked into my room and immediately suggested that I add a large wooden desk to my office area. I did, and a few months later I finished the book I had been working on for years! She keeps it simple and practical, a refreshing style in these days of over-the-top spiritual quackery.

Eric Erlandson, guitarist and author

"The change in energy has resulted in my personal life dramatically improving. I have more clarity on what I want in life, and just as importantly what I don’t want or won’t settle for. My financial situation has improved dramatically as well, and there are new doors of opportunities that have opened up. I also returned to finish my Executive MBA and expect to graduate in May of 2015."   

Sandro Siles, CA



“I was skeptical at first but Dana immediately blew me away with all of her ideas!

She said, “What do you consider this area?” And I said, “My dumping area.”  “Well,” she told me, “this is your relationship corner, so this is something you are going to work on!” And it has felt so much clearer since!

My friends who come over now are like, “This is a HOME! I feel so welcome, your bedroom is so serene.”

I love sleeping in my new bedroom configuration! I feel supported and peaceful and rested. I sleep so much better now and have such better focus.

She said “It doesn’t have to be perfectly organized, but let’s clear the clutter for your headspace” and it works! I was so happy to get rid of so many of my things I didn’t use and excited to donate, and she replied “Great! Get rid of things to make room for new things in your life!”.

Every time I feel stagnant, I think of that and get to cleaning!”

Alexis Hyde, Museum Director, Los Angeles. 

I have been creating and synergizing with awesome people like you in many ways- including my passion project - The Artist's Way Group- and most recently The Catalyst Camp and Cash Camp -  for many years, and I know the life-changing force of a commitment and immersion in making a change.  I live for this stuff.  And I know this experience isn't for everyone. 

The Joy Immersion negativity detox is NOT for you if...

  •        you want to complain, blame others, or anything of the sort. 
  •        you're expecting a magic pill to solve things without doing anything. 
  •        you are waiting for someone to do it for you. 
  •        you are convinced you won't be able to do it (I know you can, but I can't convince you, I won't try and I don't want that to take energy away from the group).  
  •        you want to re-decorate your home with my guidance  (we are focusing on the space-clearing & feng shui for your life... not a design consultuation...and while there's a lot of powerful feng shui involved, the focus is the DETOX from NEGATIVITY and an IMMERSION in HAPPINESS :)  That's awesome feng shui in itself!!! )
  •        you want a complete feng shui consultation (see the above!).  That's outside of the scope of our focus.  We are focused on a negativity detox, happiness habits, and making the energy in your space as well as your own personal energy sing with joy (!!!) in the course material and exercises. (*this isn't a how-to-feng-shui course, even though you'll do so much super-powerful, albeit simple feng shui in the Joy Immersion...!) 
  •        you are doing this for someone else.  When you decide to make changes, if you aren't doing them for yourself, it's not going to work well.  This is about your personal path to more optimism, unlimited living and joy...! 

The Joy Immersion negativity detox is for you if...

  •        you are ready to transform your negativity and toxic cycles and relationships into big growth opportunities.
  •        you are open to confronting your space & life situations now, whatever they may be,  and ready to find personal solutions.  
  •        you are excited to have a space and a life free of the needless obstacles and blocks that have been standing in the way of building a stable, happy life. 
  •        you are willing to do the work (I've made it as reasonable as possible, we're all busy, but it does take willingness) ... 
  •        & you are excited to bring more action to your life with both shifts in your home and with actions in your far-more-focused-on-happiness days!


Here's what you get when you sign up for The Joy Immersion below: 

-  A log-in delivered to you immediately to a private website where you'll find all The Joy Immersion material arriving daily starting the day you sign on!  

- The material includes over 3 hours of gorgeous HD videos, journal prompts and inspiring resource pages to keep you immersed in happiness!  

- ME. (*this detox is a largely solo journey because it's so personal, but I'm here for you, always, to answer questions about the material!) 

- A private FACEBOOK GROUP to celebrate your wins with one another.  This group has rules so to be a member you've got to be 100% on board with positivity to stay in the group! Since this is largely a solo journey- unless you join with friends and family!-  that's very personal I wanted you to have a space to share your successes, and celebrate one another! 

-The ability to repeat the whole thing any time you want! (*no extra charges, it's yours forever), as every level of life requires fine tuning and adjustments to stay in flow...! 

- -LIFE WITHOUT PSYCHIC VAMPIRES - my ultimate resource for dealing with energy draining, life sucking, exhausting, super-dramatic and often impossible to ignore (or possibly you love them!) people without losing your energy or your sanity! 

- AND... MORE!  (*I add surpises!) 

And then there's the MATERIAL itself: 

1. THE DAILY HAPPINESS-BUILDING HABITS (there are a few core habits that have sparked many life revolutions!)

2. & the DAILY material/ resources/journal prompts and exercises for your life & your home!

WEEK ONE: Spaciousness

When you get brave enough to un-hook yourself from negative stuff that's become uncomfortably familiar,  the spaciousness begins!  We'll clear physical space of negativity hanging in the air, get actual space away from toxic stuff, and establish new habits to get out of the negative loop that's super-draining. 

This week includes: why negativity is so so detrimental to life (really wild science!), fundamental feng shui/home rituals, energy shifting exercises that are simple and revolutionary, and lots of space-taking from the negative stuff.  

WEEK TWO: Getting Centered ( All LOVE this week!) 

This week is all about being centered and grounded... and focused on love. Negativity, drama, vampire people and conflict are so damaging because they literally can pull us off of our center and then... we feel crazy... act unlike ourselves... and the cycle perpetuates itself, spiralling down.  Habits, actions and space shifts that promote more of a solid, grounded, centered life are key to lasting happiness.  

We'll get into:  heart-centered living (and not in an abstract way), a daily forgiveness ritual I cherish, rituals to use nature as a healing force, flooding life with positive language...and much more!  

WEEK THREE: Glowing So Much More 

Happiness and joy and confidence are energies we feel radiating from people.  After all, we're all energy. In fact, we're 99.99% empty space held together by energy itself, and that's awesome science!

This week includes: feng shui lifts for your space, my favorite happy-making potions, life-lightening habits that make you more brilliant and happier at the same time,  a confidence-boosting energy medicine technique... and so much more!

WEEK FOUR: RE-wiring Awesomeness !!!

The idea behind creating positive routines and habits is that you literally wire the neural pathways in your brain in a new way so that you'll reach for the happy habits, thoughts and actions first... instead of the stuff that your subconscious mind is grabbing for, that you may not even be consciously aware of, and that might not be of great service to you at the moment.   Positive habits = Positive thought patterns = Positive life. This foundation of more grounded calm becomes the new normal! 

This is the week of: strengthening your positive intention in the feng shui of your home, deeply practicing everything joyful (!), I'll introduce you to my personal  favorite tools to go deeper in rooting out conscious and sub-conscious blocks and trauma... and we'll end with an exercise that can help you to gorgeously create goals for the future using a method that can bring these beautiful beliefs and visions straight to your subconscious- and that's where the magic happens!  Day 30 is literally one of my favorite creative manifesting exercises on the planet... and I'm so excited to share it as a huge way to celebrate a big, beautiful detox well-done! 

  • I am here to be of service to you.  Your outcome is my outcome, and I take the successes of everyone who interacts with my material (even blog questions daily from strangers who are now friends!) extremely seriously. 
  • You will have my support, my best ingenuity and my years of experience to answer every single one of your questions.
  • And... if you go through the whole Detox and actually DO it all- ALL 30 Days- and do not see or feel any changes in your home or life for the better, you can happily have a full refund if you send in all your completed homework and photos.


How much time does this take each week?  How much do you have to be happier?! The actual material and basic exercises will take you 20-30 minutes a day... but the implementation is up to you!  I don't recommend you overwhelm yourself, and I've designed this to avoid overwhelm.  But... then again... you'll be overwhelmed with happiness... so your commitment of time will be well-spent! 

Also, realize that 30 days is just the start of building great habits and making lifelong shifts.   You many need longer than 30 days to really assimilate new habits and space changes into your life depending on where you started and what you want. You will still be able to make it through with flying colors, even if you need more time before you are 100% done implementing everything you want to do.  You have this program forever so you can go over and over the stuff you want to practice deeply. 

I already know how to think positively, so what more will you show me?  Consciously thinking positively (that is: when you're actually aware of your thoughts) is a great place to start, but it's the tip of the iceberg in terms of making the lasting changes that we explore in The Joy Immersion.  You'll learn space-making, balance-restoring, habit-shifting, grounding... ideas for confidence-building, life-lightening, radiant energy building and largely science-based techniques to free your life of negativity from the inside out and the outside in.  After all, the world around us is a mirror of us, so as we polish the mirror- and our lives- everything transforms!

What if I fall behind?  THERE IS NO PRESSURE! I want you to get the most from this experience, and that's why you'll have it as a resource forever.  The material unfolds over the first 30 days you have program, but if it takes you 60 or 90 days or a year that's fine, too... !  You won't fail if you keep trying and re-committing and moving forward. These habits and patterns weren't built in a day so please feel no stress. 

I've failed many times before at getting the drama out of my life, I a lost cause? Nope. You probably have lots of habits that reinforce what's going on.  Or ideas that hold these patterns in place in your life.  If you're really ready to jump into a new paradigm and get rid of that drama, I've curated some of the best - and simplest- tools I've found in a very deep exploration of every medium of personal development, energy medicine, healing, philosophy and science that can help.  We're all starting in different places and the 30 days of this detox can be a springboard to deeper exploration and excavation of your own specific circumstances long after the 30 days.  You'll have a space and a set of tools to use to support all your big life changes. 

Is feng shui religious? Some of it is.  None of mine is.  

Do you do astrology, numerology or i ching ? No.  My life philosophy is based on everyone being unlimited.  Feel free to do any or all of these things... but they are not truly unlimited.  I believe you can create any outcome if you are determined. 

So... if you are ready to organize and align your energy and money and put your new-found, mountain-moving focus behind your passions and dreams, sign up now! 

The Joy Immersion negativity detox was initally created as a free bonus program for my decluttering Catalyst Camper members, but I was so blown away by it, I had to offer it to all of you as a resource guide that I wish I had for most of my own life!  (*and, if you decide later to join the decluttering Catalyst Camp in the Spring, you'll get a discount when you join totalling the price of the program, too, so it's essentially free!)  

(NOTE To My Catalyst Camp members, if you need a login, please email me!) 

It's $48.00 for the whole 30 Days of HD Videos, Resources, the Life Without Psychic Vampire e-guide, a private Facebook group exclusively for all your successes and more bonuses...!  And... while this is largely a solo journey....

This is about 15 minutes of my hourly rate!  And it's awesome! 

To sign up for The Joy Immersion click the big red button below & I will see you soon! 

xoxo Dana 

PS: Don't let your own stuckness in negativity stop you from moving forward...and upward. Creating clear space in your life is so super-important to your wellbeing as well as your prosperous, happy life & I hope you do it lavishly and completely to make room for lots of glowing wellness and all of your dreams. (xoxo!)